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EN 760: SAAB 1 67 AC DIN 32522: B AR1 67 AC 10 M نوع: آلومینات- قلیایی

Agglomerate Alkaline alumina powder is used in welding of structural steel, steel pipe, steel pressure vessels and fine grain steels.  In welding with this powder, a small amount of silicon and a moderate amount of manganese in the weld metal are absorbed.

For welding with two or more wires and welding simultaneously, a double pass is used, such as welding of large pipes .

The high conductivity of the electric current is considered to be a remarkable feature of this powder. This feature can be useful for low speed welding (for example, welding of thick parts) except in the case of metal base quality. The slag is removed easily.

Due to the small slag of this powder, the possibility of welding the circular joints of small diameter parts is provided without any risk of slag loss.

This powder can be used with AC or DC currents of up to 1000 amps.